About us

SPN Logistics came to being as a result of the always-developing logistics trade, which in 2019 brought about a takeover of shares from the German group C. Spaarmann Holding AG. The business whilst aiming to maintain the qualities, traditions and philosophies of the company, aside of the shares, the most vital elements have been incorporated into the company—the group of highly experienced employees and the well developed network of partners across the globe.


We treat every client individually by delivering the best possible solutions. The lack of a corporate approach, allows clients to have constant access to information regarding their merchandise. All operations, which are part of the service being performed by us, remain under the responsibility of one specialist.


Our specialists are professionals, who take full responsibility when managing our client’s goods. Our teams of highly proficient, qualified specialist supporting each other guarantee a successful accomplishment of our goals.


The goal of SPN Logistics is to have the strongest network of reliable partners around the world. The company’s actions are contributing to the perpetual expansion of our growing network of partners, which is the foundation of the effectiveness of our services. Our global presence is what ensures our ability to provide efficient and safe shipment and flow of information.